about the label


I started this d.i.y. label in 2004. I had been recording the band  greenhill and they had enough music to put out an album.  I decided to release it myself. The  label was created out of that. I released the first greenhill full length work in progress and made about 10 copies. The next greenhill full-length a likely story was much shorter so I created a lot more copies. After greenhill split up, velo formed and I wanted to be able to put out my friends bands. I released several velo demos, a live e.p. and finally the full length.

I release on formats ranging from burned/spraypainted CD-R’s to hand-recorded tapes, cassette tapes, and DVD’s. Pretty much everything but vinyl so far.

The last release was sr015: CMAR 2009 DVD (summer 2010)


sr016: endamori e.p. CD/digital download (summer 2012)



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