greenhill (2002)


sr08: greenhill a likely story revisited 2008 (new copies!)

sr07: greenhill “a work in progress” re-release 2008(new copies!)

sr02: greenhill a likely story2005 (out of print)

sr01: greenhill work in progress 2004 (out of print)

taylor rust-guitar/piano (2002-2005)
sean conley-drums/keyboard/samples (2002-2005)

greenhill was created in late 2002 when two kids in the same neighborhood started playing instruments. After playing with each other, they began to write their own music. Using only a tape player, they began to record their songs. After a year and a half or writing and playing, they had recorded 12 songs and finished their first album entitled work in progress. Some time went by before they started writing music again. In early 2005, still using a tape player; they recorded 8 songs and finished their second album, a likely story.

july 2008

two lost tracks have been found, mixed, and added to a new re-release entitled “a likely story revisited” as well as a re-release of “work in progress.”location: murfreesboro, tennessee u.s.a.websites:

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