sr01: greenhill “work in progress” full-length 2004
sr02: greenhill “a likely story” full-length 2005
sr03: velo 2 song demo 2006
sr04: velo live e.p 2006
sr05: velo “ten” full-length 2007
sr06: hands “live at the barn 2-16-08” 2008
sr07: greenhill “ a likely story revisited” full-length 2008
sr08: greenhill “ work in progress” re-release 2008
sr09: velo “ten remastered” full-length 2008
sr010: dolcim demo “I am casper” 2009
sr011: kafka on the shore “killing time and injuring eternity” e.p. 2009
sr012: kafka on the shore “content to drift” full-length tape 2009
sr013: dolcim “guillotine ride” full-length CD-R (sold out)
sr014: dolcim “guillotine ride” full-length tape (tri-release with forever escaping boredom and utarid tapes 2009 (sold out)
sr015: CMAR 2009 DVD FALL 2010 $7 (2 COPIES LEFT)
sr016: endamori self-titled e.p. CD (june 2012) out now!
sr017: endamori/big machine split cassette co-release with zegema beach records (2015)

order  at the sleepinghouse records store:

for TRADES, LARGE ORDERS , email first.

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