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endamori’s ep in borderline fucked up awards 2012

proud to announce that endamori were named #19 of the top 25 e.p.’s of 2012 in the borderline fucked up awards:



2012 was a great EP-year, so here’s a reasonably long list …

25th Barren Womb – “The Origin of Faeces”

Versatile post-hardcore by a Norwegian duo.

Barren Womb

24th Torpedo Holiday – “s / t”

Willful, slate (post-) punk from Germany.

Torpedo Holiday

23rd Kabul Golf Club – “Le bal du rat mort”

Noisiger post-hardcore from Belgium, somewhere between the Blood Brothers, The Locust and Refused.

Kabul Golf Club

22nd The Beautiful Ones – “Birth of Desire”

part moshiger, partly melodic 90s hardcore with grower qualities.

The Beautiful Ones

21st EVA – “Pronounced EVA”

Metalcore Between the early 2000s and the post-core trend in the same period.


20th Rain Dance – “New Blood”

brutal chaos core board à la Everytime I Die and The Chariot.


19th Endamori – “s / t”

ex-Cease Upon the Capitol / Dolcim-people with very ambitious project at the intersection of screamo, hardcore, post-rock and emo.


18th Ruined Families – “s / t”

The best thing that you got to hear this year from Greece. Dirty hardcore with “over the top” vocals.

Ruined Families

17th Jowls – “Cursed”

Not as strong as last year’s “Cunt Punch”, but still better than most other modern screamo-influenced post-core bands.


16th We’ll the Smiling – “New Objectivity”

typical nervous, complex post-math-indie-hardcore from the UK.

We'll the Smiling

15th Means to an End – “… and all the Colors have faded to gray”

screamo / emo sound like he should, on the one hand state, on the other hand Ebulliton-/Witching Hour-style.

Means to an End

14th Tongue– “/ / /”

from the context of Ten Thousand Leagues and John Cota. Experimental Emo / Post-HC material.

No Tongue

13th Petethepiratesquid – “The New Royalty”

now scattered across Germany, Sweden and France, which is so far the best material from the Math / emo / post-punk band.


12th Paan – “Sounds like Chewbacca is taking a shit”

better and more mature than “Finally all animals dead,” now more than screamo to Post Core / Trip Fontaine in indie-style.


11th Fitzcarraldo – “Oldenburg”

My favorite is the German instrumental rock band. A coherent overall composition!


10th Gnarwolves – “CRU”

Best Pop Punk from 2012, a bit like Blink 182 meets The Lawrece arm meets Taking Back Sunday.


09th Mörse – “s / t”

heavy groovy stoner hardcore from France.


08th The Dashwood – “Mirage”
Honest pop music from Germany. Furthermore, a clear increase in the debut EP!

The Dashwoods

07th Afterlife Kids – “invisible hand” 

“90s emo / mosh-Terror from Berlin” – raw, pure, yet diverse.

Afterlife Kids

06th We avoid – “Petrichor”

Stop’n’Go-New School Hardcore from Italy. Old Botch meet Dangers.

We avoid

05th We are in the Country – “s / t”

. Emotionally stirring screamo / emo from France with the right balance of loud and quiet

We are in the Country

04th Coastlines – “Life in Shifts”

Late 90er-Hardcore/Metalcore. A fusion of early Poison the Well, late Have Heart and Emmure on top form.


03. Pride and ego down – “Moving Cloud Mind”

indie-meets-post-core, equally violent as beautiful, equally catchy and creative.

Pride and ego down

02. Between Your Mind and Tongue – “Building the Foundations to Future Ruins”

The shortest representatives. 3 Songs, 7 minutes – about the same as if City of Caterpillar get to the point. The most promising new screamo / emo band of the year!

Between Your Mind and Tongue

01. Black Kites – “The Last Three Songs”

swan song of the best and most important hardcore band in recent years. 3 perfect, unique songs for the EP of the year!

Black Kites

Runner-Ups: Mio, aversion, Blistered, Descender, employed to Serve, Wreck, souvenirs