updates from around the world

sleepinghouse records is currently based in south korea.

orders will be few and far between for the time being but digital downloads are up and running:

greenhill “a likely story” now available

This is the second and last album by the band greenhill. It incorporated some more instruments and is more mature and cohesive as the first. The album begins in a somber way, and picks up becoming more dark, before ending with a piano track and a secret guitar track, that later appeared on the soundtrack for a the short film, time past.  The band appeared to be more musically sound on this album, exploring longer song lengths and diverse song structures.

The track “a good home is happiness” saw the band departing from their original sound and led to the creation of the band “velo,” whose album will be premiering soon on here as well.

greenhill “work in progress” now available

greenhill’s first album “work in progress” is now available for streaming and download on bandcamp:

greenhill was the first band of taylor rust and sean conley. these songs were written as each other learned how to play their instruments and songs were recorded live with a tape player.

this was the first release on sleepinghouse records in 2004.