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Endamori/Big Machine Split Cassette Coming Soon!

Sleepinghouse Records and Zegema Beach Records will be releasing the Endamori/Big Machine split cassette this summer!
3 of the last songs ever recorded from Endamori and 7 songs from Big Machine, Sacha and Nick from Hammers’s new band with heavy and fast riffage.


endamori/big machine cassette (2015)

Stay tuned for more!

Dolcim Write Up on Open Mind Saturated Brain

Read it here:

Written by Dave Norman of Zegema Beach Records

Genres: Screamo / Punk / Noise Rock / Emo-Violence / Post-Hardcore
Related artists: Altar Of Complaints, Dawn and Cease Upon The Capitol.
Country: Nashville, USA
Years Active: 2008-2010
Song: “Sam (7, second grade)”
Album: “We Carry The Fire”
Year: 2010
Label(s): React With Protest / Sleepinghouse Records / Forever Escaping Boredom / Utarid Tapes / Moment Of Collapse Records / Ape Must Not Kill Ape / Arctic Radar Records / Communication Is Not Words / IFB Records
This post’s artist is from the April 2014 Mix. This is track #12.
You can download the April 2014 Mix#4 right here.
For fans of: Altar Of Complaints, Cease Upon The Capitol, Swan Of Tuonela, Welcome The Plague Year, Youth Funeral, Gillian Carter, In First Person, Rats Into Robots, This Ship Will Sink, Loma Prieta, Via Fondo, Neil Perry, Angel Eyes and State Faults aka PROPER Screamo.

I am still bewildered by the fact that I have been in love with Cease Upon The Capitol for over a decade and I only heard DOLCIM for the first time last year. How in the hell did I miss this band? Luckily, when I started my distro I picked up the ‘Guillotine Ride’ cassette and was absolutely floored.

What does this sound like? Cease Upon The Capitol, obviously. The guitarist/vocalist from Cease Upon The Capitol created this band which, not surprisingly, sounds a lot like CUTC – throat-shredding screams, spacey post-hardcore riffing, lightning fast songs that still retain melody. It isn’t the same beast, but considering that the vocalist and guitarist is/was the same guy, there are definitely similarities and overlapping sounds. DOLCIM took what Cease Upon The Capitol perfected and dipped that fucker in acid. They sound like a corrosive, heavy and less melodic version of said previous band. I’m not going into a whole lot of detail here because I wasn’t aware of the band during their heyday and if you like Cease Upon The Capitol then you already have a pretty good grasp of their foundation and sound.

For those who have never heard about Cease Upon The Capitol, DOLCIM plays a very thick and suffocating brand of post-hardcore, screamo and maybe even thrash. The songs have bass all the way up to the meniscus. The drums will perforate your eardrums. The vocals will rip the cilia from inside your ears and the guitars jump between shredding, some lighter screamo moments and Cave In-style spaciness.


Click )==>here<==( to download most of the band’s complete discography in mp3 form.

2008 – I Am Casper (demo) cassette/cdrEP  (NEWLY POSTED, download here!)

2009 – Guillotine Ride cassette/12″LP

2010 – We Carry The Fire 12″LP
2010 – Hammers Split 7″ (demo version of “Richard, 54, Priest”)
2010 – Men As Trees / Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort / Dying In Motion (4-Way Split) 12″LP (NEWLY POSTED, download here!)


(2009) DOLCIM – “Marriage Is The Leading Cause Of Divorce” (from ‘Guillotine Ride’)

(2009) DOLCIM – “Noah`s Ark Was An Orgy” (from ‘Guillotine Ride’)

(2010) DOLCIM – “Sam (7, second grade)” (from ‘We Carry The Fire’)


DOLCIM out-of-print discography mp3 download

download here

updates from around the world

sleepinghouse records is currently based in south korea.

orders will be few and far between for the time being but digital downloads are up and running:

vel0 “ten” now available

vel0 was the project created by taylor rust and sean conley after greenhill ended. the writing process was slow, as the songs were complex and needed time to breathe. The structures of the songs eventually settled and became what they are now.  They recorded a 2 song demo, and then later a live e.p. before putting together a full length “ten” that used various studio songs, as well as live performances. ryan lewis played bass with the band in 2006 and appears on several tracks. the last few songs of the band were written as a two piece before they played their last show in march 2007.

the album opens up with a live version of the song “untitled” which is the band’s first song ever written.
“plurals” is the album’s most put together song, blending instrumental mathy parts with post rock pieces, taking nods from tristeza. “census” is a slow post rock jam influenced by mogwai with layers of reverbed guitar. “floorplan” is the first time we hear vocals on the album. “odds and ends” sounds like a fitting title, with this song having odd time signatures and intricate pieces, directly influenced by bikegang knifefight. the latter part of the album sees songs like “a longer day” and “guidance” becoming more complex and fast. The last track “yes is always wrong” was an improvisation recorded on tape at the band’s practice space towards the end of the band’s existence.
this band was the culmination of two musicians who wrote music together without any genre in mind or idea of what would become of it. this album is a collective entity of everything they created.

it was put out on CD-R’s that are sold out, but it is available now to download and stream.