vel0 (2006) by steven smalley


taylor rustguitar/vocals (2005-2007)

sean conley: drums (2005-2007)

ryan lewis: bass (2006)

this band was the culmination of two musicians who wrote music together without any genre in mind or idea of what would become of it. so the writing was not limited in anyway by any format and therefore the structures of the songs eventually settled and became what they are now. and due to the large variety of music that we both listened to, our sound never really fit into any mold.


sr09: vel0 ten remastered lp (2008) 8 copies left

sr05: vel0 ten full-length (2007) (sold out)

sr04: vel0 live e.p. (2006) (sold out)

sr03: vel0 2 song demo (2005) (3 copies left)

august 2005: it started with drums and guitar, with members of greenhill. we wrote a couple of songs. played our first show under a different name. wrote some more songs. then our friend started playing bass. played a couple more shows. our bassist moved to nashville. continued as a two-piece. hiatus for a while. got back together and wrote new songs. played shows in the fall. recorded a live album. hiatus again.

march 2007: started looking for new members and instruments and writing new material and wanting to play shows.

may 2007: we wrote some new songs. put together the full-length album velo ten l.p.

june 2007: played our last show.

july 2008: “ten remastered” lp now finished


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